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Intro about the Novo markets

The independent science and compliance sector provides conformity assessment services and tasks highly skilled experts and thought leaders to carry out impartial evaluation, audits, and inspections against international/local standards and regulations. This can span across a multitude of different sectors, from Defence & Aerospace to Renewable Energy, consumer goods/services, and Medical Devices.


Testing involves the systematic evaluation of products, processes and/or services to enable and ensure businesses and organisations meet ever-evolving industry standards and specifications.


Inspection is the complex and detailed process of closely examining systems or products, from the smallest of everyday items to the large infrastructure projects, to ensure safety controls are met.


Certification involves the endorsement or the stamp of approval from certified bodies, giving an individual or a large organisation the confidence and assurance they need and deserve.

Why do we operate in these markets?

Our decision to venture these markets was driven by the profound impact these industries have on sustainability & global safety. We recognised the pivotal role it plays in ensuring quality, compliance and continuous improvement of standards globally. Understanding that they serve as the cornerstone of reliability, they instil trust , forming a universal language of assurance in our daily lives. Embracing these markets aligns with our commitment to championing quality, reliability, and trustworthiness, thereby enabling us to contribute significantly to the integrity and credibility of industries we serve.

The values that
guide us

Trust, Trust, Trust.

Trust is paramount to us and on a deeper level to other recruitment companies. The public trusts our clients to keep them safe every day. Our clients must trust us to secure them the best people to deliver that peace of mind and help protect the world.

Bring the Passion

Science & Compliance is so exciting, it’s easy to become passionate about, and we find it unbelievably exciting! Our customers’ dedication to what they do is infectious, and we can’t help but learn about the science we’re engrossed in daily, with a genuine desire to continue learning more.

Power of Partnerships

We build partnerships for a reason. They benefit everybody. A deep knowledge of our client’s business & culture, and what’s truly important to them, enables us to sell them effectually to candidates who fit perfectly. We care deeply about finding companies where we know our candidates will thrive for the long term, becoming key members of fascinating teams.

Transactions are for Products, not People.

People are and should be any company's biggest asset. They’re the beating heart and the thinking brain in one. It’s why we are so passionate about helping people and why our customers are everything to us; taking time to understand their needs so we know we’re always putting them first. Our needs have and always will come second. It’s just the way it should be.

Don’t just Deliver - Consult.

We don’t shy away from putting our recommendations forward at every juncture of the recruitment journey, always based on experienced knowledge. Not enough? We offer more than just recruitment; from market mapping to X, we’ve got you covered.

Knowledge Knows no Bounds.

Passion leads to knowledge, and our passion drives our thirst for more of it; always enthusiastic about learning something new from every call with every customer. This attitude creates the wealth of knowledge needed to produce impactful advice consistently.

Searching for talent in these markets?